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Barrenjoey Light House - Short and Sharp!

You see it in the distance from "Bliss" - go up close and personal with the lighthouse at Barrenjoey.

Yes you do have to cross Pittwater but its ok civilisation won't hurt you ...

Get the ferry back over to Palm Beach and head up Barrenjoey Road around to Governor Phillip Park. Walk past the golf course and past the boat shed and along the beach (Pittwater side) until you reach the National park sign.

You will be given a choice of two paths:

1. The Smugglers Track which is the original track which can be narrow and steep, or
2. The Access Trail which is not as steep as the Smugglers Track

We often go up the Access Trail and down the Smugglers Track.

Head up at whatever pace you want (you will often see runners or triathletes!) and when up top make the most of the views and the history of the lighthouse.

Head back down and as a reward either visit the Boat House for a big breakfast or stop at the Boat House Cafe (behind Boat House Home Store) for a pastry and a coffee!

You can then take the leisurely half hour loop back to 'Bliss" on the ferry!

Trip Satistics

6 to 8 km depending on any diversions


1 hour or take your time

Time to complete

Steep ascent

Effort Level


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