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Flint & Steel Beach

An energising loop to Flint and Steel Beach - with aboriginal rock art and a stunning secluded beach

Don't forget to pack water, snacks and swimmers in a backpack preferably. The best time to head off is early morning to beat the heat of the day.

Head out from Bliss to what we call "Champagne Rock" - turn right on the beach and head to the track through the houses (there is a "right-of-way") through the houses and keep going until you find the old hand-painted sign to the Mackerel Track and West Head Road - scramble up the path and head out onto the rock with spectacular views of Pittwater (we call it Champagne Rock as on a hot afternoon its a good spot for bubbles - its European name is something boring like Sinclair Point - it will feature in another note). Head back along the ridge top path along the escarpment with a lot of water tanks to your right (we call it tank alley). Keep heading up the path and you will start seeing great views back down to Mackerel.

The path turns into a fire trail - keep heading up the fire trail until you hit the Basin Trail and turn right - a little further along and you will see a marked area of aboriginal rock carvings. Keep going past this and head up to West Head Road. Turn right and walk along the road until you see the sign to Flint & Steel and take the path on the left. Head along the path and take the sign to Flint & Steel Beach - there are about 800m of stairs down to the beach with great views along the way. The other option on the sign points to a much more difficult track and it will feature in another story.

Stop, rest, snack, drink and swim! If you've forgotten your swimmers it probably doesn't matter as the beach is very isolated! This was once earmarked to be part of a subdivision called "Commodore Heights" - only one house was built and it survived until the 1970's. It would have been such a pity of this was suburbia instead of National Park!

Now are you ready for the climb back! - take the path back up to West Head Road and continue left up to the Resolute Picnic Ground and head along the Resolute Track down to Resolute Beach and join the the track around the point back to Mackerel. You will end up at the North end of Mackerel beach where you can walk along the beach (or have another swim - before you get to Bliss). However, you will need your swimmers here!

Trip Satistics

12 kms


2 1/2 hours approx

Time to complete

Some steep climbs

Effort Level


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