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Hike the Red Hands Loop

Spectacular scenery, aboriginal rock art and isolated beaches

This is a great 1 1/2 to 2 hours circuit or take a backpack with towels and swimmers and make a morning or a day of it!

Head out from "Bliss" to the North end of the beach and look at for a large cabbage tree palm which has a National Park marker at its base (photos below). Scramble up a few rocks (be assured this is the worst bit) and meet the walking path which takes you around to Resolute Beach.

Head up the stairs directly behind Resolute Beach and don't forget to check out the aboriginal shelter with some rock art near the top of the stairs - there is a very interesting story about the contact between the first nations people of this area and some of the colonial settlers - its on the sign!

Turn right at the top of the stairs and head up the fire trail to the Resolute Picnic Area - along the way there are aboriginal rock carvings just to the right of the fire trail. Most of them are well sign-posted.

When you are near the picnic area head down the Red Hands Track to the right and very quickly you will see more aboriginal art - this time ochre hands in the sandstone!

Keep going and you end up at West Head with dramatic views to Palm Beach - then take the sign to West Head Beach and maybe stop here for a swim or further along the path at Resolute Beach - your choice! Once at Resolute Beach you rejoin the path back to Mackerel Beach and back to Bliss!

The photo gallery below has snippets of this walk and a Strava map of the route!

Trip Satistics

Almost 8km


1 to 2 hours or stop for a swim!

Time to complete

Medium - path can be rocky

Effort Level


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