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Kayak to the Basin Lagoon

Take a gentle kayak around to the spectacular Basin Lagoon.

Just head out from "Bliss" and follow the shoreline east and around the point from Mackerel - you head past Currawong Beach and the Basin Wharf until you reach a barrier to keep out power boats. You may need to drag the kayak around the barrier but believe me its worth it!

Once in the lagoon you often see heaps of birdlife, lots of small stingrays and very few people - if the tide is high enough you can float through the mangroves at the western end of the lagoon - very meditative.

On the way back I often stop at the little beach near the Bonnie Doon wharf to swim and sun-bake and perhaps have a drink and a snack which I packed into the kayak.

Trip Satistics



1 1/2 hours roughly

Time to complete

Medium intensity but you can take your time

Effort Level


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